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Vikram Vetal-Jyotishacha Nashib


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Since Ages, The Stories Of The King Vikram And The Vetal Are Being Passed To Each New Generation. These Are Truly The Traditional Folk Stories. For All These Years These Stories Have Never Stopped Amazing The Youngsters. The Matured Minds Also Find A Kind Of Solace In Retelling Them. Vikramaditya, The Noble King Was A Very Brave One And Intelligent As Well. The Vetal Living In The Hideous Cemetery Was On The Contrary A Much Feared Character, But He Had One More Aspect To His Nature, No One Knew Much About It. The Vetal Was Mischievous By Nature. As King Vikram Tries To Sneak Vetal Out Of The Cemetery, The Vetal Keeps Him Busy In His Stories And Makes Him Break His Vow Of Not Uttering A Single Word. Very Tactfully, Vetal Makes Vikram Speak And The Moment Vikram Finishes His Answer The Vetal Goes Back To His Abode. Their Journey Together Takes Us All In A Glorious And Glamorous World Of Noble People And Common People As Well, Captivating And Fascinating Our Minds. Come, Get Set For The Journey In The Super-Natural World With The Series Of Ten Books, Just For You.!