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Unconditional Love


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Kind And Loyal, Elva Was A Shy Young Girl From A Typical English Seaside Town Who Was Swept Off Her Feet By An Older, Handsome Italian Bodybuilder. It Was All She Had Ever Wanted; The Promise Of Life As A Loving Mother And Devoted Wife. But A Dark Secret From Her Past Left Her Vulnerable To Bruno's Brooding, Possessive Nature, And Behind Closed Doors, Elva's Family Idyll Turned Into A Reign Of Terror Of Both Mental And Physical Abuse For Her And Her Children. Their Daughter Natalia Speaks For The First Time About How The Family Suffered, About Her Escape Onto The Streets At 17, And Her Traumatic Struggle To Survive Alone. Natalia Finally Persuaded Elva To Run Away Along With Her Youngest Son And For The First Time, Elva Found The Happiness And Confidence That Had Always Eluded Her. But It Was Not To Last. Giving Way To Bruno's Requests To See His Young Son, Elva Returned To The Marital Home, Where Bruno Mercilessly Stabbed Her To Death. Against The Odds, Natalia Found The Courage To Stand By Her Father Even After He'd Ripped The Family Apart. During Often Harrowing Visits To Rampton High-Security Psychiatric Hospital, She Leared To Love Bruno For The First Time. Her Fascinating Journey Led Natalia To Honor Her Mother's Memory, Finding A Way To Live With Forgiveness And Unconditional Love.