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Song (सोंग)


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Song (सोंग) a book by Nitin Thorat 

Sanjya wore the Saree just twice before that.. that too because of circumstances.. once in Song and once in a play! But now he has decided to wear the saree forever. Will it be possible to do that? Can he live as an Eunuch? There were thousands of questions, which he was not worried about.. An out of the sophisticated world novel by Nitin Thorat.. ‘Song’!


संज्यानं दोन वेळा साडी नेसली होती ती फक्त परिस्थिती तशी होती म्हणून. एकदा सोंगात आणि एकदा नाटकात. पण आता त्यानं कायमस्वरूपी साडी नेसायचं ठरवलं होतं. त्याला हे जमेल?

नितीन थोरात यांची आगळीवेगळी कादंबरी.. सोंग...