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Shri Gita Tarot - Shri Krishna answers your question (Set of 61 Devine Cards)


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When one comes to a situation which requires one to act with special courage, like a decision that will take one into unknown territory, along a new road, one feels at a loss.An especially large question is called a 'yaksha-prashna' in the Indian tradition. This refers to a question that is not only important but also one that seems to have no final answer. Even when answered, it leads only to another question. There is only one answer to such a question - that it must be left up to the Manager of the World, it must be left up to God. In these cards, the answers are available in the form of the words spoken directly by Shri Krishna Himself. There is no question of interpreting these words further. These cards have been charged with the energy of Shri Krishna. On one side the cards have an image of Lord Shri Krishna in a compassionate and reassuring form. On the other side there is a verse from the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita spoken by the Lord. Through the beautiful image of the Lord, one can communicate with Him easily. This set has 61 cards. Each card has a verse. The translation of each verse and its meaning in Marathi and English has been provided. So that your self-reflection may find direction, the verses have been explained to a certain extent. Your question has been answered clearly in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ since you may not have the time or experience to deduce the answer yourself. Do not use the Santulan Gita Tarot Cards just for fun, in a casual manner or as a joke with friends etc. Otherwise, when you really need its guidance you will not be able to call upon the faith required to make proper use of it. Keep in mind that the answers will be as ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. It is important to frame your question in a manner that it can be answered with a Yes or a No. If your question is not clear, the answer can confuse your mind. It is important that you act according to the answer provided by Shri Krishna. Before you select a tarot card, start with the prayer ‘Aum namo bhagavate vaasudevaaya’. Call out to the Lord who resides in every cell and every atom that exists, and pick up a card as the answer to your question. It is even more beneficial if the person who chooses the card is a little conscious about purity, about prayer and worship, works on developing faith in their heart and behaves well in general. This is because the energy of the Lord needs to be able to flow through that person. If you take one of these cards and place it on the table you work at, you can experience His positive image at all times in front of you. You will receive strength and enthusiasm; you will avoid inappropriate thoughts automatically.