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Maharashtra, An Exclusive State Of India, With All Its Peculiarities And Features. A Group Of Villages And Towns Each Of Its Village Has A Temple Of Maruti, Hanuman. A Special Place Built Around A Huge Tree. A Stream. Soil Bearing A Typical Fragrance.. Crops Revealing The Very Same Fragrance.. And The Humour.. It Flows Just Like The Stream. It Is A Fact That Each Stream Has Its Own Taste.. This Is So True About The Humour. Each Village Has Its Own Style Of Humour.. Every Day, Somewhere In The Village A Humour Is Born It Might Be The Result Of Some Bluffing, Or Simple Gestures Of Those Illiterates. It Might Be The Outcome Of Pretention Or The Memories Of Those Passed Days.. Even The Youngsters Invite Humour From Their Carefree Attitudes. He Does Not Fail To Notice And Portray It For Us. Dm And His Wonderful Literary Work Especially For Those Who Love To Read Today And Tomorrow.