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Sanganak Yeti Ghara


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Today, when it seems inconceivable for any household to be minus that very basic of tools- a computer- there are still people who dread the thought of that piece of equipment coming into their lives! It is a fact that for many, the computer is still a difficult machine to master. This book familiarizes readers with the basic aspects of a computer, and it does so with a practical angle to it. Simple-to-follow tips, ideas and step- by- step methods make it easy for a reader to understand how to use the computer for day-to-day conveniences. These could be anything, from the mundane to the more complex. From accessing the net, sending mails, booking tickets using the net, using standard features, or using the computer for added features like shopping online, the book includes every contemporary need, in addition to giving cursory information about the machine itself. Aimed at people who are not comfortable with the computer and not familiar with computer jargon, the book takes them around its many aspects. Its tone of being a friend who is on hand to help works perfectly at erasing initial inhibition and inviting people to explore the fantastic convenience that the computer offers. The book is obviously targeted at a wide section of the population that is still wary of using the computer.