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Meera Ek Vasant Aahe


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It Is Rather Impossible To Understand Meera. If One Tries To Measure Her Intensity Based On The Credentials Of Poetry, 29, 82 Or 31, 82 Then He Would Fail In His Attempt As She Is Neither A Poem Nor A Scientific Desire Or Philosophical Aspiration. Though She Does Not Have Any Physical Form She Is Very True In Her Occurrence. It Was The Devotion That Took The Form Of A Physical Appearance Otherwise, Meera Would Never Have Known Any Material Outlining Highlighting Her. The Common Man Always Curses The Almighty When He Is Bombarded By Anguish; In Controversy To This, Meera Thanks The Almighty For All The Grief And Anguish That The Almighty Casts Upon Her As It Gives Her Added Opportunity To Praise Him. She Thanks Him From The Base Of Her Heart For Releasing Her From The Chaos Of Living. She Finds Peace With The Situation As It Gives Her Extra Strength And Vigour To Merge Her Soul Deeper With The Almighty. Her Penance Is Meant Only For The Lord Krishna. She Does Not See The Almighty In Any Other Form. It Is Her Faith That Enables Her To Sacrifice Her Willingly To That Lord Krishna Who Is Believed To Be A Part Of Some 25 Thousand Years Ago. Yet, The Time Period Does Not Diminishes The Intensity Of Her Certainty About His Being Into Existence. Those Who Are Unable To Understand Her Devotion, Curse Her, Blame Her, Try To End Her Life So As To Give A Full-Stop To The Divine Devotion Reflected By Her. However, She Remains Tranquil And Does Not Lose Her Composure Over It. A Sweet Smile Lingers On Her Lips. Though We Have Never Seen Meera And Will Have No Chance Of Seeing Her, We Feel Her Presence, We Sense Her Smile, We Understand Her Calmness. We Become Surer About Her Devotional Attitude, Remembering Only Her Merger With Lord Krishna.