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Khelata Khelata Aayushya


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Marathi translation of the original Kannada edition of the official autobiography of eminent writer and Jnanapeeth awardee Dr Girish Karnad. 

 Dr. Karnad reminisces his life in eleven chapters in this 300 page book originally titled ‘Aadaadtha Ayushya’ – the very title Life moves on while playing is based on his pet poet Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre another Jnanapeeth laureate.

This is supposedly the first book of his memoirs. The first part of this book deals with his early schooling and college days including his education at Oxford by availing the Rhodes scholarship. The second part deals with his career at Chennai. While working at Oxford University Press, Chennai he acted in many English plays under Madras Players. During this time he ventured to act in 'Samskara' which won the ‘Swarna Kamala Award’. Then on, he takes up free life for writing plays, acting in cinemas, etc. At this point of time, he decides to marry and a long awaited love affair with Saraswati comes to an end and marriage takes place. Here ends his first book of memoirs.