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Biography of Shri.Suresh Kare. His journey starting from a retail medical store in Goa to a 500 crore pharmaceutical company - Indoco Remedies Limited.

History of Indoco Remedies:

In 1945, a Goan entrepreneur Mr. Govind Ramnath Kare, who was in the business of wholesale and retail trade of pharmaceuticals, started a firm which he named Indo Continental Trading Company.

The principal business of this firm was to import pharmaceutical formulations from Europe and distribute them in Western India.

However in 1947, after India became independent, the new Government in its bid to encourage indigenous manufacturing of medicines banned import of several formulations. Mr. G. R. Kare instead of being discouraged, decided to venture into manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Accordingly, on 23rd August 1947, a week after India's independence, a new Company was founded with the intent to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical formulations. Thus, Indo Continental Trading Company became Indoco Remedies Limited.

About Suresh Kare:

He is the Executive Chairman of Indoco Remedies Ltd. He has been at the helm of the company’s affairs for forty-nine years and is responsible for the it’s transformation from a small sick unit in 1963, to the global, fast growing, profitable organization that it is today. Suresh G. Kare has a technical background and is recognized for his leadership and vision. He is a multi-faceted personality whose love for arts, sports and social service complements his strong business acumen. Under his stewardship, Indoco has achieved innumerable milestones. Suresh G. Kare’s four decades of pharmaceutical experience is the key to the company’s fast paced growth in the domestic and international arena. He is also the immediate Past-president of the Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA).