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Healthy Habits For A Fit Family


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Improve Your Family`s Health Today The key to long-term health for you and your family is to get everyone involved. Healthy habits are much easier to establish and maintain when people you love enjoy them too. In Healthy Habits for a fit family, you will find simple, practical, and livable ways to lose weight and achieve lasting health and wellness as a family. Together you can, Stop the cycle of family-related weight problems, Get fit with uncomplicated goals and plans, Pursue physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Enjoy variety rather than endure restrictions, Learn what really works, based on science-not fads, This book isn`t about quick fixes, secret formulas, or even diets (they don`t work!). It`s about normal, busy families like yours having a better life now and in the future. Good health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your children