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Ganara Mulukh


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Chakramaditya, The King Of Thanthanpur. In His Kingdom Arrives Gansen, A Singer. The King Gets Captivated With His Vocal Skills To Such An Extent That He Makes It Compulsory For The People Of His Kingdom To Speak Only In A Melodious Way. It Creates Havoc. The Order To Sing Everything To Tell Anything Proves To Be Very Troublesome. The Guards Are Constantly On Vigilance To Catch Anyone Who Is Using Prose And Not Lyrics To Convey Messages. Each Household Is Practicing It Devotedly. The Market Is Full Of Disorder. The Fights Over Payments Are Also In Lyrics. The Scene In The Palace Is The Worst Of All. Everyone There Is Singing In A Classical Way, Literally. Finally, The King Cancels His Orders When He Realizes That Too Much Too Bad, But What Makes Him Realize This.?