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Gadkari: Vykati Ani Vangamay


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The Late Ram Ganesh Gadkari a prominent writer of Marathi literature, a poet, playwright and a humorist was fondly known as Govindagraj or Balakram. It was Late V. S. Khandekar who penned down his memoir effectively to reveal the vivid personality. The first version of this book was published in the year 1932, 12 years after his death. The revised version was published later in 1947. The third version was published in 1997. The reprint of this book is ever since in demand by ardent readers and scholars. The book throws light on all kind of literature by Gadkari giving importance to his dramas. Gadkari’s dramas have covered the period of 50 years since the beginning of Marathi drama culture. Hence, it was essential to study his writings in detail from various aspects. Shri. Khandekar has done a great job with it. Even after almost a century, Gadkari’s dramas are equally popular amongst the Marathi connoisseur. Today, when many are trying to rejuvenate Marathi drama culture, Gadkari’s writing will work as a lighthouse for sure. This book will surely prove to be the most beneficial; being one of its own types.