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Ekaki Band


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Police officer of Nebraska and a divorced mother Katherine Bolkovac reads an ad of a Private Army Contractor, Dyncorp International, applies for it, and get recruited. Good package, wanderlust around the world, and chance to help built a nation destroyed in a war, was a golden opportunity she thought. Soon, she arrived in Bosnia. Dyncorp bagged a contract of UNO, to spread peace among people. She was appointed as a Human Rights Investigator and, investigator of hidden sexual issues as well. She was a bit afraid, as she was not trained well, but after coming to Sarajevo, she unexpectedly had solved many horrible cases, compromising her live though.She had brought the case of private rented army contractors and UNO and America’s handshakes of insisting women engaged in social work to be an escort, into spotlight. She then was deteriorated and fired from her job. She was afraid to get killed, so she left Bosnia. She use to carry the proofs against the Dyncorp, all the time, and wins the case, being successful in making world know about Dyncorp’s dark and shameful side. Here, Kathy warns about the bad effects and circumstances of the war being played by other nations. She boosts this feeling of making people free from slavery during the peace period. This, story of a strong and brave lady, who survives in a very critical and sensitive condition, encouraging us to spread peace allover, blows our minds and takes us aback with her true story. This story proves that, one strong voice against injustice and violence could shake the world!