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Doctoranche Margadarshan (Set of 9 books)


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A set of 9 must-have books by Dr. B. S. Javadekar.

The set contains following 9 books : 

1. Tvacheche Vikar (Doctor Series)
2. Paralysis Va Menduche Vikar (Doctor Series)
3. Raktadab Va Hridayvikar (Doctor Series)
4. Madhumeh Arthat Diabeties (Doctor Series)
5. Dama, Khokala Fuffusache Vikar (Doctor Series)
6. Hridayvikar Kasa Taalal? (Doctor Series)
7. Potache Vikar (Doctor Series)
8. Ulcer, Acidity (Doctor Series)
9. Mandukhi, Pathdukhi, Sandhyanche Vikar (Doctor Series)