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Chutkyachya Goshti


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The Very First Story From This Book Is Maharaj. Indians Have Many Qualities And Disqualifications As Well. But They Are Very Innocent In Certain Aspects. They Easily Agree To Believe People. One Maharaj Comes In To Stay In Shivas Village. Shiva Gets Impressed By The Way The Maharaj Carries Himself. He Insists And Takes Maharaj To His Home. Very Soon Most Of The Villagers Begin Consulting Maharaj For Their Problems. Within No Time, They All Start Worshipping Him. But When The Wrestler Loses The Match, He Realizes That The Maharaj Has No Real Power. This Makes Others Realize That Indeed The So Called Maharaj Has Cheated Upon Them In Many Ways And Has Robbed Them Of Their Money. They Decide To Take Back What Belonged To Them. All In A Group Reach Shivas Home To Reveal The True Colours Of Maharaj, Mad With A Mob Psychology Difficult To Understand. Do They Succeed In Revealing Maharajs True Colours?