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During The Festival Of Ganapati, We See A Lot Of Idol Of Lord Ganesha Around Us. Except For The Expressions In Their Eyes Many Of Them Are Identical As They Are Moulded From A Particular Cast. But The God Himself Does Not Have Any Particular Mould Which Can Be Used To Create A Human. He Mixes His Ingredients Secretly And Uniquely Before Each Creation, Yet The End Product I.E. The Thus Formed Human Is Always A Wonderful Creation. In A Same Way, My Sister Does Not Possess Any Particular Mould For The Variety Of Cakes That She Prepares. She Mixes Ingredients In Various Proportions For Each Cake. She Literally Creates Cakes. Even The Almighty Will Not Be Able To Name All The Ingredients, However, Each Of Her Cake Satisfies The Ever Hungry Mind To Its Fullest Still Leaving A Feeling Of Longing For The Cakes Forever. All Around Us We See Various Forms Of Creations Such As The Sculptor Carving Statues, An Artist Painting A Picture, An Actor Like Me Living The Role, Etc. The Cakes Baked By My Sister Also Stood In The Same Category. Each Cake Receives The Same Attention, The Same Love From Her. She Puts Life Into The Cake. We Feel The Breathing Of Each Cake While We Stand Next To Them, Be It The Boot Of The Old Woman Or Be It A Garden. The Appearance Of Each Cake Is So True That You Feel Like Taking The Puppy For A Round And Feel Like Setting The Butterfly Free In The Garden. And Believe Me, All The Ingredients Used In The Cakes Are Edible. You Might Feel That I Am Praising The Cake Expert Too Much, She Being My Sister. But Once You Go Through This Book, You Will Realize That I Am Holding A Lot. Dr. Girish Ratnakar Oak.