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Brain Programming


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What Will You Achieve Through This Book? Your Mind Which Is Practically In Your Hands. The Long Lost Key To Your Self Confidence And Self Esteem. How Is The Brain Programmed? When The Brain Is Programmed In A Different Way, It Brings Miracles. It Helps You To Have A Dialogue With The Inner You. But, Beware! There Might Be A Virus Too. From Impossible To Possible Brain Is Indeed A Computer, And Even If It Commits A Mistake You Might Get Hypnotized. You Are The Sculpture Of Your Life. You Have Seen Dreams With Their Golden Feathers Bhagat Singh, Rang De Basanti, Jesica Lal A Grand Rehersal How Will You Programme Your Brain, Indeed? How Far True Is Your Brain Programming.. You Alone Know Amen! You Can Change Your Fate, Your Destiny, It Is The Most Powerful Main Programme, The Brain Programme Faith And Belief They Work As Boomerang Against The Superstitious Minds What Is Hidden Behind This Cap? How Will You Delete The Negative Brain Programming? The Language, Software And The Anti-Virus For The Brain Programming?