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A Time To Kill


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A ten-year old African American girl is brutally raped and beaten by two white racist drunken men. Inspite of committing such a heinous crime, the perpetrators remain unrepentant. This horrendous act unleashes mayhem in the town of Clayton, Mississippi where the story is set. Carl Lee, the father of the wronged girl, is driven into a mad rage and decides to take the law in his hands in order to bring justice to his daughter. Armed with an assault rifle, he sets out to avenge the gruesome crime committed on his daughter and kills the culprits. He is arrested and is to be tried for capital murder. This is a moving tale about a young defence lawyer, Jake Brigance, who decides to defend the black Vietnam war hero. The people of the town are divided in their opinion about the the crime committed by Carl. The book takes you through a journey of the lawyer’s struggle to save his client. Also at stake is the young attorney’s life.