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Wael Ghonim : Facebook And The Uprising in Egypt (English)


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Casting aside a top rung job in one of the world’s most exciting companies, Wael Ghonim plunged into the mission to give the youth of his country a call to awaken. As a prized executive of Google, this young Egyptian grew increasingly disillusioned by the chaos, unjust and completely autocratic behavior of the government. One particular incident triggered off a feeling of anger and discontent within him and he fuelled it by using the medium of online social networking sites to create what would become a wave of protests, unprecedented in Egypt and anywhere in the world. Social networking sites are often seen to be a recreation meant only for social ramblings and as an online substitute for the ‘hang out’ culture dominated by today’s youth. For the first time, it was conclusively proved that the great power and influence of this medium can be far-reaching and historic, as the Egypt revolution showed very definitively. The book gives insight into the days and events preceding the revolution as well as a detailed look into the revolution itself and the heroes who made it happen.