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Vitthal Maniar… From ‘Gama’ to ‘Amitabh’, Maniar has, in a fruitful career, met several notable personalities. Of course, though he has been witness to several important events in the past and present, he has kept faithful to his own distinct philosophy- a fact that can perhaps be attributed to his upbringing and intrinsic values.

He writes about all this and more in language that is simple, uncomplicated, and enjoyable. In a life that has passed through various turns, he has always been seen as a multi-faceted personality.He writes about his ancestors, family history and origins and about his friends, philosophers and guides in detail.

He also writes about his deep friendship and association with Sharad Pawar and prominent personalities belonging to varied fields like literature, culture and social reform. In an easy to read style, he tells readers about his childhood, youth and his interaction with several people who influenced him. These and other memories form the plus point of this interesting book.