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A Set Of 12 Stories Woven Together To Offer Us Some Kind Of Relaxation From The Daily Hubbub And Chaos. Da Ma, With His Sensitive Mind And Clear Vision Succeeds In Revealing The Small Bouts Of Happiness And Content Wrapped In The Tiniest Moments Which We Otherwise Fail To Notice. It Is A Fact That Each One Has Suffers From Some Problem Or The Other In His Or Her Life. There Are People Who Just Cannot Come Out Of The Solace Created By Themselves. On The Other Hand, A Few Have Such Zeal That They Indulge Themselves In The Wonders Of Life Instead Of Nit-Picking. Though A Few, They Help To Release The Tensions In The Surroundings. Tatya, Bhiku, Vithoba, Madhu And Many Such Other People Are Such Fine Examples Helping Us To Understand The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Life That They Are Experiencing, Mostly As A Result Of Their Way To Look At Life. After Reading This One Is Surely Compelled To Ponder Over Life And Judge Oneself As To How He Or She Wants To Lead His Or Her Life, With Smiles Or With Complaints.?