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In This Near-Future Thriller, Joe Benton, The Newly Elected President Of The U.S., Is Shocked To Learn That His Predecessors Administration Has Been Knowingly Underreporting The Catastrophic Effects Of Global Warming. In Truth, The World Is Dangerously Close To Disaster, Forcing Benton To Find A Way To Broker An Accord Between The Worlds Worst Polluter, China, And The U.S. But Can The New President Forge A Path To Peace With The U.S.S Old Enemy? Fans Of Political Thrillers Will Flock To This One, Which Combines Realistic Characters With Shrewd Political And Environmental Commentary. Some Readers Might Quibble That The World Of 2032 Is A Bit Vaguely Formed (WITH Small Changes, The Novel Could As Easily Have Been Set Next Year), But Thats A Fairly Minor Quibble. The Novel Is Propelled By Character And Dialogue, But Its Solidly Plotted, Too, And Given The Current Public Interest In Global Warming, It May Spark Some Interesting Debate On The Subject.