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Udyojok Honarach Mi


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The man who has to his credit a chain of hotels all across the globe came from Karwar to Mumbai with little more than loads of determination. Armed with the capacity to work tirelessly and blessed with a gutsy attitude, Venkatesh Kamat became a living legend in the hospitality industry. It is a fact that to keep the flag flying, his wife Indira Kamat, on one occasion, pledged her ornaments. Venkatesh and Indira’s son Vitthal Kamat is as well known today, having been in the business for over 36 years. Vitthal Kamat writes this book with the heartfelt feeling that every Maharashtrian has it in him to be an entrepreneur. The book is addressed to every person between 12 and 82. To make it more effective, he draws upon a combined experience of 108 years – 72 of his father’s and 36 of his own – to illustrate the ups and downs that the Kamat Group has seen. The book serves as a guide to everyone desirous but unsure of how to begin a business.