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Udhan Wara


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Udhan Wara Is Vilas Gitay's Marathi Translation Of Taslima Nasrin's Bengali Autobiographical Book "UTOL Hawa' Which Is The Second Part Of "AMAR Meyebela' (MAZE Kuwarpan) In "UDHAN Wara' Taslima Nasrin Tells The Story Of Her Life From The Age Of 16 To 26. She Writes About Her Teachers, Her Dearest Friend Chandana Chakma Sajni. In Later Chapters, She Writes About Her Education At Maiman Singh Medical College, Her Experiences As A Doctor And Her Literary Activities. Taslima Started Writing Articles And Poetry When She Was In Highschool. Later, She Started A Little Magazine "SENJUTI'. She Came In Contact With The Poet Rudra Mohammad Shadidaullah. They Started Meeting At Different Places. At Rudra's Insistenre, Taslima Married Him When She Was Just 19. This She Did Without Informing Her Parents. She Started Going To His Place. To Her Horror, She Discovered, After Their First Inter Course, That He Had Syphilis. Rudra Confessed That He Use To Go To Brothels. Taslima Also Caught Syphilis. They Had To Take Injections To Cure The Disease. Later, She Discovered That Rudra Was Also Addicted To Drugs And She Divorced Him. In This Book, Taslima Also Tells Us About Her Relatives - Her Parents, Her Brother Kamal & Naman, Their Wives, Her Younger Sister Yasmin And Her Maternal Grandfather. Taslima's Style Is Forth Right And She Also Shows A Good Sense Of Humour.