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Travelling To Infinity


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Professor Stephen Hawking Is One Of The Most Famous And Remarkable Scientists Of Our Age, And Author Of The Scientific Bestseller A Brief History Of Time, Which Sold Over 25 Million Copies Across The World. In This Compelling Memoir, His First Wife Jane Relates The Inside Story Of Their Extraordinary Marriage. As Stephen's Academic Renown Soared, His Body Was Collapsing Under The Assaults Of Motor-Neuron Disease, And Jane's Candid Account Of Trying To Balance His Twenty-Four-Hour Care With The Needs Of Their Growing Family Will Be Inspirational To Anyone Dealing With Family Illness. The Inner Strength Of The Author, And The Self-Evident Character And Achievements Of Her Husband, Make For An Incredible Tale That Is Always Presented With Unflinching Honesty; The Author's Candour Is No Less Evident When The Marriage Finally Ends In A High Profile Meltdown, With Stephen Leaving Jane For One Of His Nurses, While Jane Goes On To Marry An Old Family Friend.In This Exceptionally Open, Moving And Often Funny Memoir, Jane Hawking Confronts Not Only The Acutely Complicated And Painful Dilemmas Of Her First Marriage, But Also The Faultlines Exposed In A Relationship By The Pervasive Effects Of Fame And Wealth. The Result Is A Book About Optimism, Love And Change That Will Resonate With Readers Everywhere.