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Thembbhar Pani Anant Aakash


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This Is An Inspiring Biographical Book Based On The Devotion And Achievements Of Padmashri Bhawarlalaji Jain, Pioneer Of Drip Irrigation, Tissue Culture, Pepins, Agro Food Processing Industries Like Onion Powder Plant, Papaya Pepins, Mango, Banana, Pomegranate Pulp Plants And Who Has Led Remarkable Contribution To Green Revolution Of India, And For Upgradation Of Economic Condition Of Indian Farmers The Goal Achieved By Mr. Jain Is Highly Inspiring To Youth In Agricultural And Industrial Fields. Mr. Jain Is Born In Backward Village In Khandesh, Maharashtra, In Lower Middle Class Family. He Has Completed Law And Also Had Passed Ias. But He Did Not Join The High Post Govt. Service, Which Is Dream For Others. But Mr. Jain Had Started Working In Agricultural And Industrial Fields. He Is Founder Chairman Of Jain Group Of Industries. Which Is Second Highest Industry In Drip Irrigation In The World. E Has Developed Jain Hills At Jalgaon, Which Is Conversion Of Hundreds Of Acres Of Barren Hills Into Greenery And A Worth Place To Visit For Agricultural Tourism. He Has Created Many Water Reservoirs, Rain Harvesting, Planted Lakhs Of Trees, He Has Started Agri Training And Research Institutes To Give Time To Time Guidance To Farmers. He Has Created Charitable Trust For Education, Medical And 6, 82 & For Social Up Gradation For Public At Large. This Book Is Based On Him And His Socio Agricultural Revolution Concepts And Industrious Nature Even At His Old Age, Which Is A Light House For Coming Generations Of Rural India.