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The Wrong Chase


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Story Starts With Murder Of A Tourist In Mumbai, Followed By A Couple Of More Tourists Losing Their Lives. Mumbai Was Not A Safe City For Tourists Anymore. Bhani, A Lady Who Devoted Her Life To Serve Orphan And Mentally Retarded Children Was Held Accused Of Killing The Owners Of The Orphanage. - Did She Kill Them For Some Personal Gain? Bhani Admitted In The Court That She Was The Killer But Still Some People Thought She Is Innocent And Someone Is Trying To Trap Her In That Case Of Double Murder. - What Made Her Admit To Be A Murderer And What Made People Think She Was Innocent? Acp Jadav Along With His Subordinate Officers Mady And Shreya, Worked On Solving The Mystery But They Found Themselves Lost With Every Move They Made.