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The Sins Of The Father


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New York 1939. Tom Bradshaw was arrested under a murder case. A murder of his sibling brother. Stephen Jelks, a renowned lawyer in New York, accepted his case without any charges and assured him to sentence for a less imprisonment. Tom Bradshaw was not left with any other option besides this one. His case stood in a court and he was accused as a culprit in this murder case. When he was sentenced to jail, the only way to prove himself innocent was to open his true identity. But he didn’t wanted , the one he loved more than his life, to get into any trouble because of his decision. Meanwhile, this young lady with their new born baby came to New York. She decided to search for the baby’s father and marry him no matter what. She was not ready to accept the rumours about Tom’s accidental death in a sea flow. The only proof that his lover was alive was a letter! A letter which was not read at all! For an year, in a sealed envelope, it was lying on a table in one of the houses in Bristol! In this epic novel by Jeffrey Archer, as the family suspenses open one by one, it becomes necessary for the people in the family to prove their loyalty towards their family in such hard times. We all are about to start a journey with this amazingly talented author. You will not get any ‘Stop signs’, ‘One way road signs’, or ‘Dead end signs’ on this journey.