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The Private Papers Of Eastern Jewel


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Based On The Life Of A Qing Dynasty Princess, This Engrossing Debut Gives The Rebellious Eastern Jewel A Sensuous, Unsentimental Voice That Draws Admiration Despite Remorseless Selfishness. In 1914 Manchuria, The Curious, Headstrong Eight-Year-Old Is Sent To Live With Her Father's Blood Brother Kawashima, Who Adopts Her And Renames Her Yoshiko. She Settles Into Her New Life As A Second-Tier Family Member, At Odds With The Stepmother She Secretly Longs To Please. Precocious, Rebellious And Beautiful, Yoshiko Loses Her Virginity To Her Adopted Grandfather At 15 And Is Seduced By Her Adopted Father A Year Later; Her Further Sexual Adventures Eventually Leave Her Sterile. Inevitably, Kawashima Marries Her Off, To A Mongolian Prince. Unhappy In Mongolia, Yoshiko Escapes To Tokyo, Where She Becomes A Professional Mistress, And Then To Shanghai. As Japan And China Tumble Into War, One Of Yoshiko's New Lovers Recruits Her As A Spy; American Reporter Jack Stone Soon Arrives To Further Complicate Matters Of Loyalty And Righteousness. This Lush, Challenging Portrait Of A Woman Who Dared To Make Her Own Choicesbad Though They Werein Terrible, Oppressive Times Also Makes A Steamy Historical Beach Read.