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The Other India


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Let us face it :

India has many 'Bharats' in it like 'urban' India, 'rural' India; 'village' India is again different from 'farmers' India.

However, there is yet another different India of those who have no place of their own which they might call their 'home'; nor do they have any dates of their birth and death in any official rural or municipal register whatsoever. They are forced to live beyond the borders of the villages and towns suffering deprivation.

Shall we call them 'roaming' India?

Literature can't grasp every aspect and move of their different ways and patterns of life still, as ever uncared for, neglected and ignored and unsung. Their lives are beyond our fancy and imagination. A need to understand with empathy their lives is the inspiration behind this book. I believe that after reading this book the readers will have a glimpse of life of these people who are also a part and parcel of our national ethos.

- Uttam Kamble