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The Myth Called Wealth


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This Book Is A Journey From Materialism To 11, 82ity. One Can Be Very Content With The Same Amount Of Wealth Simply By Just Changing The Perception Of The Wealth. Richness Is A State Of Mind, A Thought Process, A Feeling And Not The Luxury Or The Wealth. Richness Is Not What You Have But How You Feel About What You Have. The Wealth Beyond Usage Is Simply A Thought, A Dream, An Illusion And A Myth. Sometimes One Insight, One Inner Vision, One Idea Can Change Our Entire Outlook Towards Life's Philosophies. By Simply Changing The Perception Of Wealth One Can Be Rich Instantly, This Is An Attempt For The Same. Acquisition Of Knowledge In Any Sphere Starts With The Understanding Of The Issue From A Neutral Angle, Questioning The Set Prejudices And Theories, Validating What Is Proven True Over Time (IN Centuries Not Decades), And Then Crystallizing The Opinion As A Finality. This Approach Chosen By The Author Takes Us Through A Wonderful Journey That Makes Us Realize What A Fool's World We Live In. Dr. Rajas Deshpande M.D., D.M. Fellowship (UWO ) Canada Neurologist