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Tera Te Tewis


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The teenage years can be a constant battle. Author Mukta Chaitanya tries to converse with a few representatives to tell us the untold stories of these teenagers. 

Lots of teenage girls suffer from anxiety and/or depression at some time and to some degree, which can be brought on by bullying, academic stress, problems with friendships, boyfriends etc. There are so many competing pressures to be successful, popular, attractive that it can all get too much. The book focus in how important is to make a teenage girl understand that it's perfectly normal to sometimes find things difficult to cope with and that it's fine to ask for help - professional or otherwise - to get through the tough times. 

 As a parent it's important to watch for the signs and look at your teenager like you might an adult friend, and offer advice and support in the same way - sharing experiences you had at her age, or that your own friends had and how they overcame them.