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Today, The World Offers Us More Options Than In Any Previous Era, But It Also Pushes Us To Have More Priorities, To Make More Choices, And To Make Them Faster. The Result: A Crisis Of Doing Too Much, Or Not Enough, And Making Our Decisions Based On Impulse, Stress Or Guilt. This Is Particularly True Of Women. Suzy Welch Draws On Her Own Experiences And Stories From The Lives Of Others To Reflect On How Patterns Of Decision-Making Lead To Frustration Or Sadness. But Suzy Offers An Exciting, Effective Strategy That Can Change That Course. The Rule Is Deceptively Simple: When Faced With A Decision, Determine The Consequences And Outcomes Of Your Various Options In 10 Minutes, 10 Months, And 10 Years; But The Results Are Extraordinary. Using The Framework Of 10-10-10 Will Allow You To Sort Out The Ramifications Of Your Decisions And To Match Them With The Expectations And Values You Hold Dearest. Most Importantly, It Allows You To Chart A Path In The Direction You Want, And To Head Confidently Towards It With Focus, Balance, And Joy.