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Tee Dogha


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Him And Hermad For Each Other And Mad At Each Other Why? Both Of Themhim And Her With Natures Different And Gestures Different, Husband And Wife Or Lover And Valentine Or Just Man And Womansuch Varied Relations. Him And Heryouth And Beauty, An Initial Attraction, At The End Of The Day It Is Just The Motherly Love And Affection That Binds Minds Together. Him And Her Their Minds Have No Boundaries While Crossing The Oceans In A Fraction Of Second Being Very Nave, Still Can Turn A Deaf Ear For The Sake Of Sophistication. Him And Her They Might Melt In Each Others Company And May Fight For Their Own Principles. Him And Hera Game Of Love And Hope. A Twist Of Destiny And Then It Is Over Him And Herfathomless Love, Affection And Worship A Few Moments Later Indifference, Hate And Gone Him And Heris It Pure Lust Or Something Divine, Are We Just Male And Female Or Someone Supine (INERT, Lifeless) Hardly Any Relation Will Display Such Colours. Since Ages, The Language, The Style, The Mode, The Approach To Express This Relation Has Changed And Yet, We Can Say That The Feelings Have Not Changed A Bit. They Are Still Very Primitive As They Were On The Day One.. In This 21st Century The Youth Has Lost The Route Taking Them To This Divine Love. May These Stories Help Them To Find It! Divine Love..