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Have You Ever Been Able To Measure The Fathom Of A Lake, And That Too When The Lake Is Full Of Plants, Flowers, Fish And Lot Many Living Things? You May Succeed In Measuring The Depth But That Will Be Just In Metres. It Will Not Help You To Understand The Real Meaning. And Even If You Are Able To Measure The Depth, Will You Be Able To Find Out The Treasures Hiding Deep Within? A Human Mind Is Very Deceiving. At Times, When We Feel That We Know Exactly What The Person Besides Us Feels And Wishes, We Fail Totally. A Human Mind Is A Wonder-Game. It Might Reflect To Be Sober And Will Be All Evil. It Might Appear To Be Wicked And Will Be Super Soft Within. A Sensitive Human Mind Is Indeed Very Deep And Fathomless At Times. It Does Not Limit Itself Within The Confinements Of Age, Gender, Culture Or Richness In Terms Of Money. The More Experiences It Gets, The More Prosperous It Becomes. This Prosperity Further Leads To The Soft, Gentle Waves Making The Mind, Think, Ponder And Dwell. An Outsider May Not Even Notice These Waves Which At Times Cause Storms In The Sensitive Minds. Snehal Goes To These Fathomless Depth, Relentlessly, Just With One Aspect To Make Us Understand This Wonderful Working Of The Human Mind And The Sensitivity Of Being.