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Sudol Raha


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Are you trying to lose weight? And if you are searching for assistance in achieving your goal then ' Eat Delete: How to Get Off the Weight Loss Cycle for Good' can be of immense help to you. These days maintaining a fit self and desired weight range is hard task to do. The sedentary lifestyle and the advent of fast food and processed food have all created havoc to our body. Skipping meals and crash diets are of no help as per the book . Also no one has put light on the fact till date that if your mind remains in stress and you are not taking good care of it, then all methods for losing weight will go in vein. At first we should be concerned about our mind. Pooja Makhija has penned this renowned book 'Eat Delete: How to Get off the Weight Loss Cycle for Good' and according to her there is no shortcut to lose weight. Quick diet won’t help to lose weight ,rather it makes you weaker than before. So if you want to lose weight and along with it do not want to quit your mouth watering breakfast, then this book will show you the right path. In the book the writer has shared scientific weight loss principles and dietary strategy along with valuable insights from psychologists to present a holistic mind-body solution to weight loss.