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Stop Watch


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Penned jointly by Sanjay Govilkar and his wife Snehal, ‘Stop Watch’ is the perfect friendly guide to an urban dweller and seeks to be the ‘help on hand’ that you can quickly pick when in doubt.  Sanjay’s background of being in the Police force and Snehal’s qualification as a dietician are reflected in the all-inclusive nature of the book. Their experiences and professional acumen come out effectively in this book by offering readers ways to beat the stress, tension and demands of a fast –paced life where performance is rarely linked to good wholesome lifestyle. Written in the method of a friendly, approachable manner, the book teaches ways and means to be healthy amidst the demands of career and work. The pitfalls of modern conveniences are often as diverse as untimely eating, wrong habits, lack of adequate exercise, and depression/ frustration arising out of these. These take a toll on mind and body and curb the individual’s ability and motivation. ‘Stop Watch’ is an easy to read book that can be flipped through again and again, because it also acts as a checklist that cautions you against these.