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Steve Jobs


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Steve Is No More With Us, But His Work Remains And Reminds About The Revolution Created By Him Making It Smoother And Easier. The Pcs, The I- Phones, The I-Pods, The Tablet Pcs All Will Be A Constant Reminder Of The Genuine And Witty Ways That Steve Handled And Fondled. He Was Always Lost In A World Of His Own. He Hugged The Glory And The Downfalls With Equal Aloofness. Not Once Were His Beliefs Shattered. Throughout His Life, He Struggled And Dared To Bring His Dreams Come True. His Dreams Had A Silvery Lining Of Consistency, Persuasion And Intention. He Was Unique In Every Way. The Life Threatening Disease Of Cancer Could Not Prevent Him From Working Till His Last Breath, Literally. Though Stubborn And Dominant By Nature He Stood As A Magician In The Field Of Technology. Here Is A Simple Gesture To Pay Him Respect And Honour. A Magnificent Journey Presented Authentically.....................