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Touch; Life Begins And Ends With It. A Collection Of Articles Touching Each And Every Aspect Of Life, A Flow Of Views, A Combination Of Wit And Humour, Vigour And Vitality. Simple Truth Captured In Yet Simpler Words. This Is A Compilation Of Short Essays, In Fact, Articles By The Author Dr. Vinita Paranjape. She Has Penned Down Her Views On Various 30 Topics, All With A Touch Of Integrity. She Has Skillfully Handled These Views With Equal Weightage To All The Nine Aspects Of Feelings; Right From Love To Tragedy. Her Very First Thought Process Reveals Around Touch. She Unfolds The Dimensions Of It With Various Illustrations. She Throws Light On Ego, Thinking Process, Desire, Etc. Each And Every Topic Has A Strong Philosophical Base, Yet She Presents Them Wrapped Properly In Soft Bundles Of Words. They Are Short But They Touch Our Minds, Nonetheless. All These Articles Were Published In The Local Newspaper From Time To Time, These Were Welcomed By All. Each Article Consists Of Thoughts Which Occur In Our Minds Also, But Not Everyone Has The Capacity Of Penning Them Down So Strongly. Vinita Has Done It With Certain Ease. A Glimpse At The Titles Presents A Perfect Picture Of The Vivid Topics She Has Touched. The Beauty Of The Articles Lies In The Shortness Itself. The Article Gets Over Within A Very Short Span Of Time. As We Finish One Article, We Do Not Start At The Next; Instead We Stop For A Moment To Retrospect Our Views In Relation To It. And Believe Me, You Will Discover Something Anew Within Yourself With Each Article.