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SMART Test Series - High School Scholarship (Intelligence Test & General Science)_7th

Menaka Prakashan

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"In recent years, the concept of constructivism in school education has gained currency. Based on this concept, the methods of teaching and evaluation are undergoing change. Questions that emphasise on memorising are being done away with. Instead, an academic system which emphasises a stress–free experience of examination for students is being sought after. It also entails development of his/her ability to think and analyse, and to apply knowledge. We are bringing out this SMART Test Series on the backdrop of this new thinking. The tests in this book are created by experienced teachers who are aware of these changes. The book includes a solved question paper to help students understand the correct method to solve the problems. After solving all the tests in this book, we are sure that students will achieve remarkable success in the examinations, and also find themselves better equipped to progress confidently in their future academic pursuits. The book includes 10 question papers on English and Marathi, prepared by experienced teachers as per the new pattern of High School Scholarship Examination."