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Shyenavinod - Falconry in the land of the blackbuck


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  • ‘Shyenavinod’ -the oldest authentic Sanskrit text on the sport of falconry once practiced in India, presented to the world for the first time
  • Compiled by ­King Somabhupati, it dates back to 1129 - 1130 AD.
  • Sanskrit verses presented in calligraphy.
  • Sanskrit to English transcriptions with translations and annotations.
  • Over 100 specially commissioned drawings will take you to the bygone era.
  • Though falconry is forbidden in India, ‘Shyenavinod’ confirms the presence
  • of raptors like saker, laggar, turmati, kuhi, goshawk, eagles, owls and vultures.
  • Includes the translation of Marathi book ‘Shikari Pakshi’.
  • Rare unpublished photographs related to Indian falconry.
  • Edited and penned by two eminent ornithologists and ethno-ornithologists of

the country.

  • Documents the rich cultural heritage of Indian falconry for posterity.
  • An initiative of OENSL – 'Ornithology, Ethno-ornithology and Natural Sounds Laboratory'.