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The Day Gangi Entered Womanhood, All The Villagers Went Crazy. They All Had Eyes Only For Her. Even After Days, Her Beauty Has Cast Spells On Them. Her Curvy Figure Has Made Them Forgotten Everything. Her Fair And Milky Complexion Has Dissolved All Their Anxieties. Her Nose, Oh Yes, It Is Not As Sharp As It Ought To Be, Yet It Suits Her, So Do The Youngsters Think. And The Greenish Mole On Her Left Cheek Really Adds To Her Beauty. It Probes The Mind Of All. No Other Woman In The Village Dares To Part Her Hair In A Way Gangi Parts Them. Her Beauty Has Always Been A Topic Of Envy In The Minds Of All, Be It Women Or The Men. As The Men Are Unable To Get Enough Of Her They Have Come Up With Their Favourite Pass-Time, Gossiping About Gangi. They Have Always Linked Her Up With Several Characters. Still, They Know That At Least For The Next Ten Years Or So No Other Woman Would Be A Good Competitor To Her.