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Shevat Naslele Yuddha


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This is the true account of a woman who dared to defy societal norms against the unforgiving and harsh environment of the Afghan landscape. Surrounded by scenes of daily repression of women and girls, Malalai Joya, an ordinary Afghan woman, would have been like others around her – silent witness to daily atrocities. She, however, chose to be different; blessed with courage and an inner strength of mind, Malalai broke out from convention, its restrictions and strict laws. One day, inspired by an unseen force that allowed her to defy these laws, Malalai Joya raised a voice against the archaic and puritanical voices that seemed to always be part of the psyche. She spoke about injustice against women, their lack of status in society, and other aspects due to which women in Afghanistan have been relegated to bare-shadows of men. As expected, this daring act enraged the moral police and inflamed Afghani men and the establishment. They threatened her, attacked her and did everything possible to teach her a lesson. Braving this grave posturing, Joya continues with her efforts, hopeful that one day, women will enjoy an enhanced status in Afghan society.