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Shahu Modak


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Though it is seventeen years since the demise of Shahu Modak, the Marathi movie lover still cannot forget this man who essayed some of the most exemplary roles on the Marathi silver screen. This book sees him through the eyes of his wife Pratibha Modak. The book is unique for it is the first one to give an insight into the personal life and deep intellectual acumen of one of India’s best known lead actors. In the book, Pratibha talks about the varied facets of this highly gifted man. His inclination and knowledge of astrology, including an intuition of when his end would come, as well as other intriguing facts make these pages a fast read. These many recollections also include his experiences of the razzmatazz of the movie world, the people he met and places seen. Helping Pratibha put these assorted memories into coherent and readable text is the eminent Sudhir Gadgil, who has done a fine job of giving readers a book that is informative and unputdownable.