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Shabdarth - Eka Copywritercha Pravas (Hardcover) (All Colour)

Menaka Prakashan

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A determined writer with an unique skill-set of writing decided to revolutionize the face of Marathi copywriting with his tempered skills some 28 years ago, in the year 1985 to be precise. 

He created brands, he created personalities and he offered effective and innovative communication solutions. He, who has written innumerable copies only to be appreciated by his clients and the reader (end-user), never came to the forefront in his entire career. 

He is Sharad Muralidhar Deshpande. He is the one who founded 'Setu Advertising' in 1985 in Pune. Under the guidance of his vast experience and shrewd advertising skills, Sharad Deshpande had soon coined a place for 'Setu' amongst one of the leading advertising agencies in Pune. 

This book is a compilation of various advertisement campaigns designed and developed by Sharad Deshpande during his career. The book also tells us the thought process behind the concept, the copy and the visual (if any). The book has a series of masterpieces written by Sharad Deshpande. 

A must-have book for those who want to be a copywriter or for those who just love to read good copies. Practicing advertisers should not miss this book.