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SANSKAR, deals with the complications which arise due to Naranappa’s death. Here the question arises, ‘Who would cremate Naranappa?’, every Brahmin is afraid to volunteer for his Brahmin hood would thus be polluted .Neither they let a non-Brahmin to cremate the body, because Naranappa was theoretically a Brahmin when he died. The Brahmins look Praneshacharya to solve their problem, but in course of solving this problem he came across to Chandri, who overcame with compassion for this helpless Brahmin, and when he woke up in the midnight, he finds himself in Chandri’s lap, her fingers were caressing his back, his ears and head. When Chandri goes back, she finds Naranappa’s dead body has started to rot. She gets hold of a Muslim, unknown to anyone, carries the body and cremates it in the dead of the night. On the other hand, Praneshacharya first time realises the difference between beauty and ugliness. He does not have courage to speak the truth of Chandri and his, as he will fall the height of Dharma.