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Shrirama, A Child Just 10 Years Living In Velani, A Small Village In Konkan. His Father Looks After The Temple Of Lord Velaneshwara. He Has Lost His Mother And Now His Father Leaves Him At The Doorsteps Of Guruji, The One Who Is Famous For Teaching Vedas And Upanishads To His Pupils. His Father Then Marries Another Woman. Shrirama Has A Flair For Maths And Loves To Study. He Persuades His Guruji To Allow Him To Complete His Matriculation Exams. But Before His Results Are Declared He Has To Return To Velani As His Father Dies. Thereafter, Shrirama Goes Through Lots Of Pain And Trouble To Complete His Education. When He First Goes To Gurujis Ashram, He Meets Devi. He Loves Her From Day One. He Waits For Her Throughout His Life. But When She Finally Meets Him, She Is No More The Devi That He Had Been Knowing. She Is No More Pure. On The Contrary, She Has Learnt The Way To Encash Her Body To Satisfy The Male Lust And In Return To Get The Benefits. It Is Shrirams Pure Love Devoid Of Any Lust That Changes Her Attitude Towards Life. Do They Lead A Happy Life Thereafter?