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Samvadparva - 5 Khand (Set of 5 books)


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The detailing of a journey through one of Maharashtra’s most defining eras, ‘Samvadparva’ (literally means ‘A session in dialogue’) acquaints readers with a wide panorama of events, happenings and important landmark years topical to the state. The five volumes are a collection of letters penned by Advocate Raosaheb Shinde, who is known as a high priest of social, political, literary and academic eloquence. Regarded as one of Maharashtra’s pre-eminent thinkers and social scientists, this articulate writer was a man who communicated freely and frequently with likeminded individuals as well as acquaintances and friends from diverse walks of life. He is perhaps best known for his contribution to the revolutions and agitations that were so much a part of the social fabric in a newly emerging India and- in particular- the newly formed state of Maharashtra. Besides, his repute and status as a very senior official and Chairman of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha marked him out as a man who set things into motion and could not rest till they were accomplished.Advocate Shinde’s letters exhibit a flair for writing and a penmanship that succeeded exceedingly in making new friends and retaining old ones. His correspondence with men and women he came across, and his sharing of socially relevant as well as general issues with them makes for a book that gives a very good glimpse into a time and age that proved crucial in the formation of this state as we know it.