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Salvation Creek


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At Age 44, Susan Duncan Appeared To Have It All. Editor Of Two Of Australia's Top Selling Women's Magazines, A Happy Marriage, A Jetsetting Lifestyle Covering Stories From New York To Greenland, Rubbing Shoulders With Hollywood Royalty, The World Was Her Oyster. But When Her Beloved Husband And Brother Died Within Three Days Of Each Other, Her Glittering Life Shattered. In Shock, She Zipped On Her Work Face And Soldiered Onuntil One Morning 18 Months Later When She Simply Could Not Get Out Of Bed. Heartbreaking, Funny, And Honest, This Is The Story Of A Woman Who Found The Courage Not Only To Walk Away From A Successful Career And Begin Again, But To Beat The Odds In Her Own Battle For Survival And Find A New Lifeand Lovein A Tiny Waterside Idyll Cut Off From The Outside World. From The Terrifying First Step Of Quitting The Job That Had Always Anchored Her To Abandoning Herself To A Passionate Affair, Duncan Never Flinches From The Truth Or Loses Her Wicked Sense Of Humoreven When She Finds A Paradise On Earth Only To Discover That It May Be Too Late.