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Saha Sanshyit


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There's A Caste System Even In Murder.Seven Years Ago, Vivek 'VICKY' Rai, The Playboy Son Of The Home Minister Of Uttar Pradesh, Murdered Ruby Gill At A Trendy Restaurant In New Delhi Simply Because She Refused To Serve Him A Drink. Now Vicky Rai Is Dead, Killed At His Farmhouse At A Party He Had Thrown To Celebrate His Acquittal. The Police Search Each And Every Guest. Six Of Them Are Discovered With Guns In Their Possession. In This Elaborate Murder Mystery We Join Arun Advani, India's Best-Known Investigative Journalist, As The Lives Of These Six Suspects Unravel Before Our Eyes: A Corrupt Bureaucrat; An American Tourist; A Stone-Age Tribesman; A Bollywood Sex Symbol; A Mobile Phone Thief; And An Ambitious Politician. Each Is Equally Likely To Have Pulled The Trigger. Inspired By Actual Events, Vikas Swarup's Eagerly Awaited Second Novel Is Both A Riveting Page Turner And An Insightful Peek Into The Heart And Soul Of Contemporary India